Storybook ending: reading partners program encourages kids to enjoy books

UW-Eau Claire senior Shalaine Buehl, right, reads Evie the Mist Fairy with Clarice Xiong, a third-grader at Lakeshore Elementary, on Friday, Dec. 4. Buehl travels to the elementary school every Friday afternoon to read with Xiong, who Buehl said expresses interest in any books related to fairies.

By Lauren French: UW-Eau Claire senior Shalaine Buehl felt a small hand reach up to clasp hers as she walked down a bustling hallway at Lakeshore Elementary. “What are your favorite kinds of books?” the young voice asked. Buehl looked

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Student helps fellow people with epilepsy through foundation

By Brian Sheridan: When Nichole Gervenak was first diagnosed with epilepsy in 9th grade at the start of her high school career, she tried to ignore it because she didn’t want to seem different. She wanted to be a normal

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Computer science students develop software for local businesses

By Pete Winslow: College students are expected to attain a certain number of service hours before they graduate. When fulfilling Service-Learning hours, it usually involves manual labor like painting a house or serving food at a homeless shelter. For one

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All BARC, no bite: Students train troubled dogs at Eau Claire humane shelter

By Sammi Wendling  “Sit!” “Shake!” “Down!” In a room with standard white walls, white gradient tiles, and a bag full of treats, a dog completes each command. The hound-mix is greeted with treats and praise after each completed training exercise.

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Honors 303 course is working to get the residents voices heard when it comes to the redevelopment of the Cannery District

By Carlyn Johnson: On the outskirts of downtown Eau Claire, across the bridge on West Madison Street and North Oxford Avenue, there resides an area called the Cannery District, formerly known as the West Bank Redevelopment District, that runs long the

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University social work students further their education and future careers by providing service at the Sojourner House

By Kiri Salinas: With Service-Learning being a graduation requirement for the students at the university, students and Eau Claire community members are able to make a connection. Students such as senior social work major Caitlan Isaacson spent her time getting to know homeless community

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Community Fitness program provides Chippewa Valley residents wellness for 17 years

By Symone Foster: A drunk driver hit Mike Glamann, 69-year-old retiree of Chippewa Valley, in 1999. Neurosurgeons told Glamann he would never be able to walk again without a cane or lift anything over 20 pounds for the rest of his

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